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Since Eos was started in October 1986 we have had the privilege of working over 650 private clients, 30 corporate clients and 150+ professional contacts from 20 countries.

To survive and thrive in a fast changing world we need to recognise new problems and opportunities. We learn about the changing world of work from our clients. We update our new techniques in response to real situations and test and develop new ideas with our professional network contacts. Exchanging information with other people we know and trust can save a lot of time. Discussing problems with others in similar situations can give encouragement and new ideas. Good network contacts often last much longer than the organisations we work for. This is specially important during job or career changes. So "networking" is a valuable career and business development activity for all of us.

The Internet creates brilliant new opportunities for keeping in touch with old friends and discovering new ones. One of the prime objectives of the Eos Life-Work website is its use for professional networking .

But we also want to create opportunities for our clients to network too. People who have done Eos life-career planning programmes have far more information about ourselves e.g. our personalities and potential, and about career and personal development skills than most other people. It can be really useful to compare career experiences with others who have similar insights. The Eos Life-Work Forum provides one facility for client networking. Occasionally we organise networking workshops. But one of the most relaxed ways of sharing experiences and ideas is walking and talking. So we are also trying out local networking opportunities with a series of Eos "Netwalks".

Eos Netwalks 2001-2010Netwalk Ptch Hill 21-7-01
Our first Netwalk was held on 21 July 2001. We met for a long lunch at The Windmill pub near Ewehurst in Surrey and then went for a short walk along the Greensand Way - a ridge of hills with beautiful woods and views for 30 miles to the South Coast of England. Discussions ranged from business consultancy opportunities, the film industry and self-employment to post-graduate study experiences and from motorbikes, flying and gliding to spirituality.

The second Eos Netwalk was held on 15 September based in the pretty village of Shere. This offered a choice of two walks and a pub lunch. In the morning we had a 2 hour walk up the North Downs, along the ridge and back to Shere, stopping for coffee and home made cake at Colekitchen Farm.

Netwalk Albury 15-9-01

More friends and families joined at lunchtime and went for an afternoon walk through the meadows and parkland of the Albury Estate. The day was beautiful and a break from the tragic news of the World Trade Centre disaster four days earlier.

We shared feelings of shock and concern for the victims and about the risks of recession and war. But the calm scenery and good company gave us many happier things to talk about - from guitars and model helicopters, good food, old houses and beautiful trees to a 1000 year old church used in the film "Four weddings and a funeral".

These first two walks brought together new and old friends, some who we first met in 1993.

Netwalk Shere 15-9-01

We have continued occasional netwalks in the Surrey hills most years. The most recent was a spring Blue Bell Walk in May 2010, together with friends from the UKFOH, explored blue bells and azaleas between Unstead, Winkworth and Hascombe - south of Godalming.

Bluebell netwalk Surrey 16may 2010

BBwalk Winkworth May 2010

BBwalk Winkworth2 may 2010

Future networking events
We plan another Eos Netwalk in October to see the Surrey woods in their autumn colours. Clients and other Eos network contacts are welcome to come. For details of this and other Eos networking events contact Dai Williams at eosuk@btinternet.com

Page updated 8 September 2010

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