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Managing stress and change in schools

Dai Williams

updated 10 January 2001

This was a presentation for headteachers, governors and senior staff from schools in London at the Education London 2000 exhibition at the London Arena on 21st November 2000. Notes of the presentation are available on this website as a Microsoft PowerPoint file, to run on MS Office 97.

1. To view this presentation now click the image below. It may take 1-2 minutes to load depending on your system.

{Education London powerpoint link }

2. To save the presentation for offline use click "File" and "Save as" then choose destination on your PC (e.g. "Desktop"). File name is "edulon.ppt".

2. To view the presentation again offline double click the file. Provided you have PowerPoint 97 click "View" and then "Slideshow". Run time is about 3 minutes.

3. When this presentation is viewed offline in MS Office 97 with Internet connections the final slide also contains automatic links to the following briefing notes on the Eos website. Or you can read them now by clicking these links:

4. If this presentation does not open on your browser contact Eos to request a copy by Email.

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